Friday, May 27, 2011

Montilla artichokes with secret Iberian ham

May 27 is the national day of celiac and therefore # diadelasrecetassingluten For this special day, I have prepared a Montillana artichokes, following the recipe of the Montillana Tavern. The name comes from the recipe-Moriles Montilla wine that is used in its preparation. I like artichokes with nothing to distract your taste, so the generally prepare the recipe at home, but Cordoba is often prepared "to Montilla, are different from mine, but really rich, and the Tavern the Montillana are special, something more elaborate dish, but rich, rich and highly recommended, and what matters today, suitable for coeliacs because it is a gluten-free dish Ingredients: 2 g k secret alcachofas300 ibérico1 ham ibérico100 g fine glass strands azafránunas Montilla Morilesunas sheets truffles (I would not put) stock virgin olive carneaceite teeth ajoun extrados little salt and pepper Preparation: Clean the artichokes, remove the tough leaves and get a confit in olive oil until soft.

For candied need to keep the oil at 70 degrees, or place them with warm oil and leave to simmer until they are soft. When you start to get blonde and golden, remove and reserve the other hand in a pan with very little oil is a sauce with finely chopped garlic and the secret Iberian * cut into small pieces, an inch or so.

When the meat is checked, add the ham, cut the same size. You miss everything and add the wine. When the alcohol has evaporated, add the broth and saffron toast (and release more flavor) and cook to reduce sauce. A half cooked, add the artichokes aside, to blend the flavors of salsa and artichokes When serving, artichokes sauce and decorated with sheets of black truffle (I did not used) * Iberian pork: it is piece of the Iberian pig as a fresh product for consumption has soared in recent years.

Upper part of the skirt and is also close to the headboard back. In the traditional cutting can be attributed to "back bacon" or "side of bacon." Composed of muscle fibers and fat streaky, form a fillet of a hundred and fifty to two hundred grams. To be a very streaky meat is very tasty.

If you are not can be replaced by another pork, if possible Iberian ham the same as that used in the recipe. It's a bit more expensive, but so little unbalanced amount not too much shopping cart, and the dish makes a lot since I started this blog of recipes I am particularly sensitive to people with food intolerances, so today I want to participate in this # diadelasrecetassingluten, and from here I support the Platform for a Celiac Law in Spain.

500,000 forms are needed to bring it to Parliament when the time comes for the collection of signatures, again on the subject to explain where and how

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